Troubleshooting prototype tests
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Common questions

I can’t add my prototype!

  • Make sure you’ve authenticated with Figma (the window might be underneath the browser). To confirm you have successfully authenticated, you can check the Connected apps section of your account settings in Figma to make sure we're there.

  • Is your prototype very large? If you have 200+ screens, duplicate your flow into a separate Figma file to reduce the time it takes to render your frames.

  • Check the names of your elements in Figma. It's rare, but sometimes an unsupported character can prevent your prototype from syncing on our end. In Figma, look out for the replacement character "�" next to any of your elements:

    Changing the name should immediately resolve the issue.

  • Check your privacy settings in Figma, and make sure they are set to “Anyone with the link” "can view". Any other setting (e.g can view prototypes) will prevent your prototype from loading correctly here in your Lyssna test.

I've made changes to my prototype in Figma, but my prototype test isn’t up to date with my Figma file.

You may need to re-sync your prototype with Figma. This will pull the latest changes from Figma and update the prototype test on our end.

I've tried to re-sync but it isn’t doesn't update my prototype test.

If you're having issues getting your file to sync, you can try creating a new version of your Figma file. A new version can “force” your Lyssna re-sync to pull new changes in. Check out Figma's article on file versions to save a new version of your file. Figma: Create and name versions of your Figma file

My prototype preview won't load (using Safari browser).

Safari has included a privacy setting that prevents third-party sites from setting cookies, but this security feature can sometimes prevent Figma prototypes from loading correctly. To test for this, head to Preferences→Privacy in Safari and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking to disable this feature:

This issue is not limited only to Lyssna and seems to also affect other products that embed Figma prototypes. To avoid experiencing further issues, we recommend using any recent version of Chrome or Firefox browsers if you would prefer to leave this privacy setting turned on in Safari.

Why isn't my prototype scaling to the right size?

When you add your Figma flow link, we'll automatically use the scaling option that has been set within Figma. Try selecting a different scaling option within the test builder. This will adjust the size of your prototype to ensure it's displayed clearly on your test.​

Can I change the default instructions on my prototype?

While you're welcome to include your unique instructions for participants, keep in mind that the default (bulleted) instructions shown at the beginning of your test can't be changed or removed. These instructions serve as a handy guide to help participants complete the task successfully:

But don't worry! You can add your own custom instructions to provide extra context. These will be prominently displayed right above the general task instructions.

Clicks seem to be missing from my results page.

We plan to support these things in the future as we work to continuously improve our prototype testing feature.

My fixed elements are not visible at the bottom of the page

There is a known issue in Figma where elements fixed below the screen's height are not visible when scrolling. You can verify this is the issue you've experienced by opening the Figma flow link directly. The same problem should occur even when viewing the flow within Figma. Please note that on desktop, you will need to decrease your browser window size to correctly reflect the prototype's actual size.

This issue only occurs on desktop when the prototype scaling is set to Width - Scale down to fit width or 100% - Display at full size. If you select any other scaling option, the prototype will automatically scale down to show the full height and resolve the issue.

It's also possible to resolve the issue within Figma by changing the vertical constraints on fixed elements from top (this is the default) to bottom. Figma: Appy constraints to define how layers resize

How do I add a device frame around my prototype?

Device frames that you add to your prototype in Figma will appear here in your Lyssna tests.

Why can't I highlight clicks on my prototype heatmap?

We don’t support this right now, but this may be added in a future update!

Do you have additional questions that aren't answered here? Chat with our support team or send us an email at

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