What is Lyssna?
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Lyssna is a remote user research platform where you can run both moderated and unmoderated studies in the form of interviews, usability tests, design surveys, and much more.

Run moderated studies with Interviews

With Lyssna's Interviews feature you can easily schedule, manage, and conduct your moderated studies using your preferred calendar and video conferencing tool. If you opt to interview members of the Lyssna panel, we'll also take care of the incentive handling for you.

You can use Interviews to get richer insights in a number of ways. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Ask your users a series questions face-to-face, interview style

  • Moderate a usability test—watch and listen as users navigate through your product to understand their thought process and ask follow up questions

You can even upload the recording of your session to Lyssna to get an AI-generated transcription, allowing for easier analysis!

Unmoderated test types

You can run unmoderated tests that consist of any of the following test types:

Common questions

What can I test with Lyssna?

For unmoderated tests, Lyssna supports PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, MP4, CSV and Figma prototype files. That means you can test designs exported from tools like Sketch, Invision, or Balsamiq, screenshots from live sites, or even photographs of sketches.

For moderated studies, your horizons are a bit broader—you can share your screen to get feedback on your designs no matter the file type, or link your participants to your live website so you can watch while they screen share and complete a task or set of tasks.

There's no shortage of things to test—from logo preferences to app navigation. Our example templates and testing guides are great places to start.

Who can I test with?

You'll have the option to recruit participants from your own audience or order responses from our panel, for both moderated and unmoderated studies.

When ordering responses or participants from the Lyssna panel you have the option to set target demographics per order, which include but are not limited to:

  • Country

  • Age

  • Education level

  • Devices

  • Gender

  • Language

  • Employment status

  • Annual household income

  • Technical proficiency

  • Daily hours online

You can check out our full list of demographics here in this article on Demographic Targeting.

How much does Lyssna cost?

You total cost will depend on a number of factors:

  • The duration of your studies. You can conduct short 1-2 minute tests on the Free plan; anything longer than 2 minutes will require a paid plan.

  • The features you need to complete your studies. Some features require a paid plan—these include but are not limited to: test logic, custom branding, user permissions, variation sets, and CSV exports.

  • Whether you recruit participants from your own audience or from the Lyssna panel. You can view up to 15 responses per test from your own audience on the Free plan; you'll need a paid plan to view more than that. Responses from the Lyssna panel cost 1 credit per minute of your test for unmoderated studies, and start at 60 credits per response for a 15 minute interview.

Usually, 1 credit = USD $1, but credits can be cheaper when bought in bulk.

You can find more detail in our Pricing article, or if you plan to use our panel, get a cost estimate from our Research panel calculator.

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