Card sorting tasks

Create a closed or open card sort activity to organize your site's content in a way that makes sense to your users.

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Card sorting is a testing methodology that allows test-takers to drag pre-determined topics into groups or categories that make sense to them. Card sort activities are a great method to help organize your content in a way that mirrors how your users organically navigate your site.

Card sorting activities can be either closed or open. In closed card sorting, the test creator will define categories for each card to be sorted into, while in open sort activities, test-takers will create categories based on pre-defined cards, then drag each card into a category. Lyssna can support both closed card sorts and open card sort tasks

Helpful articles

Language translations

As with all of our test sections, card sorting tasks can support 30 language translations. Selecting your test's language will ensure the test-taking interface (E.g. default instructions, button text, etc.) is automatically translated to that language for all participants.

Changing this setting will not translate the names of your cards, categories, descriptions, or follow-up questions. You will need to translate these yourself to match the language you've set on your test.

For more information on translating your tests, check out this helpful article on setting your test's language.

Common Questions

Which image file types are supported for my cards?

The file must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF image. The maximum file size for images is 5MB.

We do not resize your uploaded images, so images with higher resolutions can affect your participants' load times. Also, participants will not be able to zoom into images for a closer look, so we recommend using images that are clear at a small scale.

Why are my images cut off on my cards?

If your image is cropped, it's because cards work best with a specific shape or aspect ratio. This ratio ensures images fit neatly in the frame—we use a standard aspect ratio of 4:3 (width: 4 units, height: 3 units) on cards. If your image isn't this exact shape, parts may not fit within the card.

Tip: You can adjust your image's shape to avoid cropping. Imagine it's like resizing to fit a frame – add some extra space to the sides so the whole image fits the 4:3 ratio.

Can I add an image to a category?

No. Categories can only contain a name and an optional description.

Are there limits to the number of cards or categories I can add to a card sort task?

Yes. The test builder can support a maximum of 100 cards and 30 categories.

In what order are the cards and/or categories displayed to participants?

Cards are randomized automatically for each participant, but you can turn this feature off when needed by unchecking this option at the bottom of your list of cards:

For closed card sorts, categories are not shown randomized by default but you can turn this on.

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