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What is Lyssna?
Introducing Lyssna: Why are we rebranding?
Introducing Lyssna: Why are we rebranding?

Discover the answers to all your questions about Lyssna's rebranding in this informative FAQ.

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In 2008, UsabilityHub began as a simple five-second test. Over the years, we have evolved to offer a wide range of usability testing methodologies, cultivated a vast participant panel, and most recently, introduced interview studies to our offering. Today, more than 280,000 designers, marketers, product leaders, and researchers rely on our platform to deeply understand their audience and move in the right direction — faster.

Our reach extends beyond usability, and our new branding establishes our role as the place where you can discover audience insights that are vital to your decision-making processes.

Why Lyssna?

Lyssna means TO LISTEN in Swedish. Our mission is to put people at the heart of solutions to improve the quality of experiences in the world. We see listening as the foundation of human connection and understanding — it’s at the heart of our experience research mission.

What’s changing?

We have a new name, logo, and colors. Our platform has a fresh coat of paint, but underneath it’s the same great software you know and love.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Rest assured, your user settings, account, and data remain the same. Simply log in with the same details you used for UsabilityHub and enjoy the new experience!

💡 If you use a password manager, you may want to update your stored login location to

Is anything else new?

Beyond our name and brand identity, we’re introducing Templates — a game changer that will streamline your processes and make user research even simpler. We’ve also launched a new website with tons of helpful resources. You’ll be able to access videos, guides, blog articles, and more:

Where can I learn more?

For a deep dive into our rebranding journey, check out our latest blog post.

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