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When you're recruiting participants from your own audience there are additional customization options available to help tailor the test to your specific needs. These options are only available when using your test's recruitment URL, and will not be applied for participants recruited from the Lyssna panel.

This feature is available to users on the Pro plan.

How to enable test customization

Visit the Recruit tab of your test then click Set up link to customize.

Available customizations include:

  • Response limits, which allow you to set the maximum number of participants so that you can control the number of test responses you wish to accept.

  • The ability to enable demographic questions to learn more about your participants. You can optionally collect age, country, gender, education level, daily hours online, annual household income, technical proficiency, and employment status for your participants, which you can use as filtering options on your test results later.

  • A redirect URL where we'll send your participants after the test is complete.

  • Kiosk mode, which allows your test's recruitment link to be reused over and over again on a single device. This is helpful when testing in a classroom, at a conference, or in any testing setting where multiple testers will use a single device.

Tests in a variation set

Variation sets have their own recruitment URL to share, and these will have similar customization options of their own. When you share your set's recruitment link, the set's customization options will take priority over the settings on an individual test, and settings in your test will be skipped.

Along with the customizations listed above, variation sets also have the ability to set a custom thank-you message, which is displayed to the participant after the test is completed. Custom thank-you messages are only shown to your own audience, and will not be visible to panelists ordered from the Lyssna panel.

To customize your variation set:

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the variation set name.

  2. Select the Recruit participants tab.

  3. Click the Set up link button.

  4. Configure any customizations you'd like, then click the Enable link button to save your changes and generate the unique link for your test set.

Common questions

Can I set a redirect link to send Lyssna panelists to another site after they have completed my test?

No, redirection links cannot be used when placing an order from our panel. Our privacy terms with our panelists only apply to our platform, and asking panelists to visit a page outside of our platform is against our terms.

Why have I received more responses than requested when I selected to limit participants?

When you share your test link with more participants than intended, you may receive a few extra responses. After reaching the target number of responses, we disable the test link so no one else can begin the test. However, if some participants have already started responding before the closure, they can complete their responses, which will still be saved in your results. You can choose to keep these extra responses or remove them manually if you don't need them.

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