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Using comments in the test builder
Using comments in the test builder
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Lyssna allows you to easily collaborate with your team in real-time in the test creation phase by leaving comments in the test builder, as well as on test results where you can discuss your findings and insights.

If you have multiple collaborators working on the same test, you can use comments to discuss a particular section or question without having to move between your internal messaging platform and the test builder.

Commenting on your test

As a collaborator, you can leave comments on either an entire section of your test or on an individual question.

To start a thread, just hover over a section header or a question and click on the comment bubble that appears on the right-hand side:

Once a comment has been saved, the icon will change to show the avatar of the person who started the thread. You can hide comments to reduce clutter by clicking on the avatar. While the comment thread will be hidden, the avatar will remain in place so others can see where a comment has been left and by whom.

Any collaborator in your account can reply on a comment thread. Subsequent replies will appear underneath the original comment.

Mentioning your teammates

To mention someone, prefix their name with an @ symbol. Typing the @ symbol will display a list of the collaborators on your team, from which you can choose the person you'd like to mention by clicking on their name.

Mentioning a team member will trigger an email notification about the comment to be sent to them, and subscribe them to the thread so that they will be notified of all future replies on it.

Editing, deleting, and sharing comments

Any collaborator can edit or delete their own comment. Just click on the three dots next to the comment you would like to edit or delete and choose your desired option from the menu. If you are an Admin or have started the thread, clicking on the three dots next to the first comment on the list will give you the option to delete the entire thread rather than just the individual comment.

Editors may not edit or delete comments left by other people. Admins can delete comments or comment threads left by anyone, but cannot edit another team member's comments.

Once a comment or thread has been deleted or edited, the original content is permanently removed, and there is no way to recover what was deleted.

From this same menu, you can also copy the link to a comment to share with team members. Those team members must be collaborators on your account in order to view or participate in any comment threads in the test builder.

Comment notifications

You'll receive notifications for comments in a thread if:

  • You're the author of the test

  • You have started or posted on a comment thread

  • Someone has mentioned you in a comment in a thread

Within the application, notifications of new comments appear as a small red bubble indicating how many new comments there are to view.

Notifications are also sent by email, from which you can click a link to go directly to the comment. You can't yet reply to comments by replying to the email.

If you don’t want to receive comment notifications as emails, you can turn them off by unticking the box below in your Profile settings:

This setting will stop email notifications, but you'll still see the red bubble indicators as notifications in the application.

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