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After the initial draft of your test has been built and saved, you can still make edits to it before recruiting participants by navigating back to the Build page. Only Editors and Admins can navigate to this page and make edits to a test.

Editing a test with results

If you've already recruited participants and received results for your test, or if participants are currently taking it, we recommend being careful when editing it.

Some types of changes to a test that already has results can invalidate your data or result in data being lost. For example, changing the image in a click test will result in any clicks on the old image being lost. Changing the wording of a question could impact the validity of responses given by participants who were shown the old wording. Some changes are fine, such as changing the name of a test or fixing a typo.

If you intend to make major changes to a test that already has responses, we highly recommend duplicating it instead.

Once you've duplicated the test and made your desired changes, you'll need to recruit responses separately for that test. If you're using the Lyssna panel and want unique responses, you can move both tests into a variation set before placing your order.

Editing a test as a team

If you have multiple collaborators and are building a test as a team, there is an inherent risk of losing changes when more than one person edits the test at the same time. To prevent that from happening, the test builder automatically only allows one person to enter Edit mode at a time.

If you are the only person viewing the Build page of your test, you will be in Edit mode by default.

If someone else is already editing the test when you navigate to the Build page, you will automatically enter into comment-only mode and will be unable to make changes.

We highly recommend that you wait until your teammate is done editing and then refresh the page before making your own changes. If absolutely necessary though, you can manually override comment-only mode by clicking Edit this test and proceeding through the warning message:

If you do this, any changes your teammate has made may be lost if you save your changes first.

Common questions

I accidentally deleted part of my test, can I get it back?

You will have the opportunity to undo the action if you delete a test section, question, or screenshot, but you will only be able to recover the item you most recently deleted. That means if you delete an image, and then a question, you'll only be able to recover the question and you'll need to upload your image again.

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