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Microsoft integration for Interviews
Microsoft integration for Interviews

Connect Lyssna to your Outlook calendar for easy interview scheduling and automatically create Teams meeting links for your sessions

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With our Microsoft integration, you can connect Lyssna to both your Outlook calendar and your Microsoft Teams meeting software. Connecting to Outlook will allow Lyssna to check your availability and automatically book interview sessions in to it. Connecting to Teams will allow Lyssna to automatically create unique Teams meeting links for each session of your study.

If you use Outlook or Teams for booking and/or conducting your research interviews, we highly recommend using the Microsoft integration to make your interview scheduling process as easy and seamless as possible.

Setting up the integration

The first time you attempt to connect Microsoft with Lyssna, you'll be prompted to authorize Lyssna to connect to your Microsoft account. For some companies, this may mean getting internal approval as well. If you run into any issues while attempting to set up the integration, you may need to speak to your IT team (or the equivalent of). See Required Permissions for more details.

Once approved, your Microsoft account will be connected to your Lyssna account for both your Outlook calendar and your Teams meeting software, if enabled on your Microsoft account.

You can set the integration up in any of the following ways:

Set up Teams as your default meeting location

On your study's Setup page, select "Teams" from the Location dropdown to set it as the study's default location:

Note that the Teams account of your study's main host will always be used.

Connect your Outlook calendar to your study

To connect your Outlook calendar from the Setup page for the first time, click "Connect calendar" next to your name under Team members. You can connect multiple calendars—e.g. Outlook and Google—to check your availability, but you can only select one as the booking calendar. This is the calendar where your interview session will show up once booked.

Connect both Outlook and Teams from your settings

You can also connect the integration directly from your profile settings page at any time. Just click "Connect" on the Microsoft integration:

Disconnecting Microsoft

To disconnect your Microsoft account from your Lyssna account, visit your profile settings. Click on the dropdown menu and then "Disconnect:"

What will happen when I disconnect my Microsoft account?

  • Lyssna will no longer have access to your Outlook calendar to book sessions or to your Teams account to create Teams meetings

  • No Teams meetings created by Lyssna will be canceled

  • Existing sessions will not have their Teams meeting links changed or removed

  • Existing studies will not have their default meeting location changed. You may reconnect Teams or select an alternative default meeting location.

Required permissions

Connecting your Microsoft account

The Microsoft Entra Lyssna application has been verified by Microsoft.

Your Microsoft Entra administrator will need to have configured your Microsoft Entra account to either allow user consent for apps from verified publishers (which will allow your team to set up the Microsoft integration without additional approval), or will need to provide administrator approval for the Lyssna application in your Microsoft Entra account.

This Microsoft Entra help article outlines the different user consent permissions in more detail.

Permissions we request, and how we use them

As part of our Microsoft integration, we request permissions to access parts of your Microsoft 365 account when you connect. We have intentionally kept the requested permissions to a minimum to limit the amount of access we have to only the absolute essentials.

We request the following permissions:

  • Ability to view your basic profile (eg. name and email address) and sign you in

  • Ability to interact with your account in an ongoing way (without this permission, you would be required to regularly reconnect Lyssna to your Microsoft account)

  • Ability to read and write to your calendars - we require this to be able to determine when you are free and busy, and to create events in your calendar when an interview participant books a session

  • Ability to read and create online meeting links - we require this to be able to add Microsoft Teams meeting URLs to your interview sessions

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