Zoom integration for Interviews

Lyssna's Zoom integration will automatically create Zoom meeting links for each session and automatically download Zoom Cloud recordings.

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Our integration with Zoom allows Lyssna to automatically generate a unique Zoom meeting link for each session in your study. Optionally, you can also select to automatically download any cloud recordings of sessions with an automatically created Zoom link.

If you use Zoom for your research interviews, we highly recommend using the Zoom integration to make your interview scheduling process as easy and seamless as possible.

Setting up the integration

On any interview study's Setup page, choose "Zoom" as the study's default location.

The first time you do this you'll be prompted to authorize Lyssna to connect to your Zoom account. Once approved, your Zoom account will be connected to your Lyssna account.

Note that the Zoom account of your study's main host will always be used.

Alternatively, you can connect the integration directly from your profile settings page at any time. Just click "Connect" on the Zoom integration.

Meeting room options

You can customize your participants' experience with some simple settings for all Zoom meetings that are automatically created.

  • The Zoom waiting room allows you to control when other meeting attendees join. You might use this to ensure that all of your co-hosts have arrived and are ready before you admit your interview participant to the call.

  • The Let participants join before host setting allows you to control whether any participants may join the meeting before the host has arrived.

Disconnecting Zoom

To disconnect Zoom from your Lyssna account, visit your profile settings. Click on the dropdown menu and then "Disconnect".

What will happen when I disconnect Zoom?

  • Lyssna will no longer have access to your Zoom account to create Zoom meetings or download your Zoom Cloud meeting recordings

  • No Zoom meetings created by Lyssna will be canceled

  • Existing sessions will not have their Zoom meeting links changed or removed

  • Existing studies will not have their default meeting location changed. You may reconnect Zoom or select an alternative default meeting location.

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