Enabling screeners on unmoderated studies
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Screener questions are a crucial part of research studies, surveys, or tests. They are specifically designed questions used to filter out participants who don't fit the criteria needed for your study.

Add a screener to your study today to help ensure that the data collected is relevant and useful. Screeners are available on all unmoderated tests and all plans šŸŽ‰

How to set up your screener questions

  1. From your dashboard, click +Create study, and then Test or survey. You can also enable screeners by editing any existing test.

  2. Once in the test builder, toggle the Screener feature on to get started. You'll find it just below the Test details section of the test builder.

  3. Create your screening questions, and enter any answer choices you wish to present to your participants. You'll have the option to use either single or multiple-choice answers. You can add up to four screener questions to any unmoderated study.

  4. For each answer choice, set the eligibility for each answer. The eligibility you set here will determine which answers allow participants access to take your test, and which choices disqualify participants from the study.

Helpful tip: Check out our best practices article for help creating effective screener questions!

When setting eligibility on your answer choices, you'll choose between three options:

  • Qualifyā€”participants who select these answer choices (and no "disqualify" choices in the case of multiple-choice answers) will be given access to complete your test

  • Disqualifyā€”participants selecting this option will automatically be screened out and won't take part in your study. If you have a multiple-choice answer and a participant selects both a "qualify" and a "disqualify" answer, disqualification takes precedence, and the panelist will be screened out of your study.

  • Not relevantā€”available only on multiple-choice answers, selecting answers marked "not relevant" will not affect a participant's eligibility.

Helpful tip: For multiple-choice questions, participants must select at least one "qualify" option and no answers marked "disqualify".

Once you've set up your screener and built your test, save your changes to move on to participant recruitment.

Common questions

How many screener questions can I ask in a study?

You can include a maximum of 4 screener questions in a moderated study.

Can I save a screener to reuse on multiple future studies?

You won't be able to save a screener for reuse across tests just yet, but this is on our radar. Let us know if this is a feature you'd like to see!

Can I add logic to a screener?

Logic is not yet available for screener questions. Participants will be required to answer all of your screener questions. Chat with our team if this is a feature you're interested in!

Can I filter my test results based on answers to my screener questions?

You won't be able to filter your test results based on screener questions just yet, but our team is working to make this feature available very soon!

Can I view screener responses in my CSV export?
Your exported CSV results will include the screener responses and test responses for each participant in your study.

Are screener questions available when ordering responses from the external panel?

At this time, we do not support screener questions when using our external partner panel for responses.

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