Recruiting participants for tests with screeners
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Self-recruiting participants for screeners

When recruiting participants from your own pool, there is no additional cost to add screener questions to your tests.

When inviting participants to your study, the process for inviting self-recruited participants is the same with or without screeners. To get started, head to your test's Recruit tab to enable its unique recruitment link, then share the link with your pool of participants.

As participants take your test, we'll update your response count and the screen-in rate in your test's Recruitment activity section:

Ordering Lyssna panelists on tests with screeners

For Lyssna panel orders, there is an additional screener fee of $2 per participant, along with the standard panel recruitment costs.

To order participants from the Lyssna panel, begin by placing an order from the Recruit tab on your test:

Once on the order form, you can confirm your screener is enabled in the Screener section:

To proceed with your order, you can select any additional demographics you may need for targeting, review your costs, and select an estimated screen-in rate to finalize and submit your order.

Helpful tip: Need help estimating your screen-in rate for a panel order? Click here to check out our article for useful tips.

Collecting panel responses

Once your panel order has been placed, you can review the details in the Recruitment activity section on your test's Recruit tab.

As panelists participate in your test we will update your actual screen-in rate on the order, along with your estimated rate for comparison.

If your study's actual screen-in rate falls below 10% and you have had more than 60 participants attempt your study, your order will be canceled automatically. Should this happen, we will automatically refund your unused credits and screener fees. Check out the section below for more details on refunds for canceled screeners.

Canceling an order with a screener

To cancel panel orders with attached screeners, follow the same method used for our other tests.

Navigate to the test's Recruit tab and locate the Recruitment activity section at the bottom of the page. Then, simply scroll down and click on "Cancel order" for the relevant panel order.

Once canceled, we'll let you know how many credits were refunded, if any:

Refunds for screener fees

If your order is canceled, we automatically refund your unused credits and your screener fees for the unfilled part of your order. However, since panelists are compensated for completing your screener, some or all of your screener fees might have already been paid out for any panelists who have participated but have been screened out.

To prevent losing screener fees, it's crucial to ensure that your estimated screen-in rate doesn't dip below our minimum threshold of 15%. If you're unsure, we suggest running your screener questions as regular survey questions in a brief pilot study with the same audience demographic you plan to screen. This will help you gauge the approximate screen-in rate for your target audience.

Viewing your screener responses

By default, screener responses won't appear in your test's result tab. However, you can still view how each participant answered your questions. Head to the Participants tab to view any participant's screener answers, demographic details, and all of their responses on your test.

Common questions

Can I edit a screener after placing an order?

You can’t edit a test that has active orders. If you need to make a change to your screener, please cancel your active orders first.

Can I filter my test results based on answers to my screener questions?

You won't be able to filter your test results based on screener questions just yet, but our team is working to make this feature available very soon!

Can I view screener responses in my CSV export?
Your exported CSV results will include the screener responses and study responses for each participant on your test.

Are screener questions available when ordering responses from the external panel?

At this time, we do not support screener questions when using our external partner panel for responses.

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