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Sharing and exporting results to CSV
Sharing and exporting results to CSV
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Test results can be exported to CSV format and shared using a unique link.

Anybody you share the link with can access the results for that particular test—they don't need a Lyssna account login. This link does not grant access to change anything or allow access to any other tests in your account.

It is free to share your results using your test's unique share link, but raw data exports to CSV are available on our Basic and Pro plans.

How to share your results

  1. Click the Results tab of your test.

  2. At the top of your test results, select the Share button.

  3. Ensure the toggle is set to Link active, select Copy and the link will be able to be pasted to your destination.

How to export test results as a CSV

Similarly, at the top of the test results, select the Export results as CSV button. Your CSV will automatically download.

If you want to use Excel to open the CSV export, set the 'File origin' to '65001: Unicode (UTF-8)' to ensure all characters appear correctly.

Bulk export (of multiple tests) is not currently available.

Interpreting your CSV

Column A: Date and time submitted

Column B: Total test duration (in milliseconds)

Columns C-L: Participant demographics

Columns M-P: Participant device information

Column Q onward: Answer and instruction/task duration (in milliseconds) for each of your tasks and/or questions

Note: Clicks for Click tests and Navigation tests will be represented as a decimal in your CSV, each with an X value and a Y value. This indicates the percentage from the left edge of the image (X) and the top edge of the image (Y) where the click landed. You may benefit from exporting these types of tests as images.

Common questions

Can I combine results from multiple tests for a side-by-side comparison?

Our platform doesn't currently offer a feature to combine and compare results from multiple tests. If you need to consolidate results across different tests, we recommend exporting your results from each test as a CSV and then merging them using third-party software, such as a spreadsheet.

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