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Preference test sections help you choose between design variations by asking participants to select one based on specific criteria, or simply pick a design they prefer. When participating in preference tests, the participant will be shown your criteria along with all of the design options and then asked to choose one design.

Creating a preference test section

  1. From your dashboard, click +Create study, and then Test or survey

  2. Add a Preference test section. You can rename this section to help keep large tests organized if desired.

  3. Upload two or more design alternatives. You can provide up to 6.

  4. Set instructions for participants.

You can then optionally add follow-up questions for participants to answer after they have completed your task. These questions are shown in order by default, or you can enable the option just below them to randomize the order they're shown to your participants.

Preference test results

Results show the popularity of each design and will calculate the statistical confidence of the winner on tests with 2 options (not yet available for tests with 3 or more designs).

If you used a Linear scale or Ranking question as a follow-up, you will see the mean of the responses in the bottom right corner of the section, rounded to two decimal places.

Common Questions

What type of file can you upload?

The file must be a JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4, or MPEG.

The maximum file size for images is 5MB and the maximum height and width dimensions are 16000x16000 pixels.

The maximum file size for video and audio files is 100MB.

How are designs displayed to participants?

Images are displayed as a grid on one page.

  • Unmodified images are shown at native height and width

  • HiDPI images are shown at half native height and width

  • Framed images are shown within a device of your choice

In what order are designs displayed to participants?

By default, the order is automatically randomized for each participant. This randomization can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox shown below. When unchecked, designs will be ordered as they are arranged within the test builder.

What can you test with Preferences test sections?

Preference test sections are great for choosing between variations of logos, color schemes, layouts, icons, interfaces, and video or audio files. We also see clever uses like testing copy preferences—email subject lines for example.

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