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Test video and audio files
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Design survey sections and Preference tests can be used on any type of design. In this article, we’re elaborating on how to make the most of your tests using video and audio files.

What can I test?

  • Animation

  • Ad creatives in any stage of the production

  • Pronunciation, narrators, voice-overs

  • Explainer videos

  • Prototype recordings

  • Soundtracks

  • Anything with a video or a sound

The Lyssna platform allows you to test media files (MP3 and MP4) up to 100MB.

How do I start?

  1. Create a new test

  2. Add a Design survey or Preference test section

  3. Upload a MP4 or MP3 file

  4. Add questions you want to ask participants about your file

If you want to test multiple versions of your creative, you can make as many survey sections in a single test as you want (and use Logic to follow up on specific versions), or alternatively, duplicate your test and run it in variation sets.

How are designs displayed to participants?

To make sure you get the highest quality data, panel participants won’t be able to answer questions unless they’ve watched or listened to the entire file at least once. The files won’t start playing automatically, the participant will need to click Play and complete watching or listening to the file before they can proceed to answer questions.

After the first watch, they will be able to skip forward and backward.

How much does it cost to test a video or audio file?

When testing with the Lyssna panel, the cost of the test depends on the length of your test, which includes the length of the media. We pay panel participants for their time, which includes the time it takes to watch your media, so you’ll see it factored into your panel cost estimates too. For example, a three-minute video will increase the total test estimate by three minutes and this will impact the number of credits needed to run the test. Read more about ordering responses here.

How do I see the results of my tests?

Video and audio files are treated just like images - you show them and ask questions about them. The results are the responses to the questions you ask, including verbatim comments and a word cloud to help you quickly identify commonly occurring words. Multiple-choice responses will allow you to filter your results to show only the users who picked a particular choice, and all of the answers they gave on the other test questions.

Where are the files stored?

All design files are stored in Amazon S3 in accordance with our data protection policy.

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