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How to redeem a credit coupon
How to redeem a credit coupon
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If you've been sent a code for complimentary credits from the Lyssna team or come across it as part of an offer or research study, simply head to this link and enter the code to redeem the credits.

Credits can be used to buy responses with our panel when you run a test.

Limited codes

If you've been sent the code in a private conversation, please don't share the code with anyone who it wasn't intended for as codes sent to small groups or individuals will have a redemption limit. For a single-use code, if someone else redeems the code before you do, it will no longer be valid.

Promotional codes

Some complimentary credit codes are also time-bound and may expire after a certain period. If your code was part of a limited-time offer, make sure to read the disclaimer text to find out the latest date you can redeem it.

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