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Use projects to keep tests organized on the Lyssna dashboard. Each project acts as a folder for tests. You can add tests to projects while creating them or after the fact.

On the Dashboard, recent projects are displayed at the top of the page. Select View all projects to visit the Projects page.

Creating a project

From the dashboard

Create a new project from your dashboard by clicking the Create project button, or the + Create your first project button if this is your first one:

When creating a test

  1. Under Test details, type in your preferred project name. This can be an existing project or a brand-new one.

  2. Create and save the test as usual.

  3. Once created, this will be listed on the projects page. Here you can view all tests in that particular project. Your most recent projects will also be displayed on the dashboard.

Moving tests to a new project

To move a test while on the dashboard or search page, select the checkbox next to the test. You can select multiple tests if you need to move more than one.

At the bottom of the screen, click on Move to and specify the project you would like to move your test(s) to.

Managing projects

Once a project is created, you can manage that project from the dashboard or the projects page. Click on the ellipsis icon (three vertically placed dots) located next to the project's name to show the following options:

  • Share—copy a direct link to the project for easy sharing with teammates on your account.

  • Rename

  • Archive—archiving a project moves it out of view, helping to shorten your active projects list.

  • Delete—your project will be permanently removed and the tests within it will be archived. You can recover those tests but not the project. If you delete your project by mistake, you will need to create it again and move the desired tests into the project again.

Common questions

Where do I find projects that I've archived?

Archiving a test or a project will remove it from your dashboard view. If you want to find a project that has been archived, head to your project dashboard by clicking View all projects:

... then click the Show unarchived button to display the dropdown menu and choose the option to Show archived.

💡 Helpful tip: Click the search field at the top of your dashboard to view all archived tests, projects, or test sets in a similar way.

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