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Lyssna allows you to quantify responses to open-ended questions with tags, making it easier to identify trends and share insights with stakeholders. Responses are not tagged automatically but it is easy to do and it’s possible to tag responses individually or several at once.

How to tag open-text responses

Tags can be added to individual results as you review them, or they can also be added in bulk. To add tags individually:

  1. Find any typed response you'd like to tag in an open text section of your test's results.

  2. Hover over the response—the tagging and participant icons will appear at the top-right. Click the tagging icon:

  3. Type in the name of the tag you wish to create, followed by ⏎Enter to save it. You will see the tag added below the response.

  4. To add existing tags to responses, click the Tag icon once you have hovered over a response and select the tag(s) you wish to add. Uncheck to remove a tag:

To add tags in bulk, select the responses you'd like tagged by checking their corresponding boxes. Click the Add/edit tags button to the right of the search box and check the tag(s) you'd like to add, or create new tags. Uncheck the tag again to remove it from all selected responses.

Once you've added your tags, you can view a breakdown of your tag usage across your results. You can also filter your test's responses based on these tags.

Click the Tags tab just under your question to see a list of all of your tags and the number of times they were used in that section. Click the filter button to the right of a tag to show only the responses that have that tag added:

Tags you create and edit are visible to everyone who can access the test results. Only Collaborators can create, edit, remove, or add tags to responses, Viewers on the Pro and Basic plans cannot.

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