Signing in with SAML
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If your organization has enabled SAML sign-in, you will need to authenticate with your identity provider.

Signing in

Click on the 'Sign in with SAML' link at the bottom of the sign-in form.

Enter your email address and click "Sign in".

You will be redirected to your identity provider for authentication, sign in using your identity provider credentials. You will then be redirected back to Lyssna.

Common questions

Can I enable SAML on my account?

SAML is available to all customers on an Enterprise plan. If you are already on an Enterprise plan get in touch and we can enable it for you. If you’re on a different plan, please contact sales for pricing.

Which identity providers do you support?

We have customers successfully using Okta and Azure AD, and can work with enterprise customers to support additional identity providers as needed.

Can I use a password or Google to sign in if my account has SAML enabled?

No. If SAML is enabled for your account all collaborators are required to use SAML to sign in.

Why can’t I change my password or email address?

If you signed up with SAML, you won’t be able to change your password because you technically don’t have a password in our system. You can’t change your email either, because that is part of your identity provider account settings, not your Lyssna account settings.

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