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Change your account from test taker to test creator
Change your account from test taker to test creator
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If you've signed up to be a test taker at but you actually want to create and run tests as a researcher, you won't be able to sign up at with the same email address you have used for your Usercrowd account.

You've got a few options:

Sign up to Lyssna with a different email if you have one

If you signed up to UserCrowd with your personal email, you can sign up to Lyssna with your work email. You'll then be able to take tests as a panelist and also create tests of your own to send out.

If your email is via Google, create a temporary alias

If your email is hosted with Google, you can create a temporary email alias by adding a "+" or "." symbol to your email address. For example, if you used your email "" to sign up to UserCrowd, you can sign up to Lyssna with "" or "". Both of these will work—you'll just need to make sure you save your login details somewhere so you don't forget them.

Otherwise, contact us to convert your UserCrowd tester account to a Lyssna creator account

If you don't have another email, simply contact us via email at and we will help you cash out your balance and convert your account. Please note your account will no longer have access to take tests on UserCrowd if you do this.

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