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Just like managing your subscription and account details, team owners and collaborators with Admin seats can access receipts and invoices for your account's past purchases. You have the flexibility to view, download, and update details on your invoices, whether it's for compliance with your organization or simply to stay organized with your purchases. Keep reading to learn how to handle all these billing-related tasks seamlessly.

How to access receipts

Receipts are available on the Billing history page, or by following these steps from your account's dashboard:

  1. Click your avatar/icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar to view the dropdown menu. Select Plan & billing from the list.

2. Under the Payment and Subscription section, scroll down to Billing history and click the View billing history link. This is where all receipts for Lyssna charges are listed.

You have the option to download each receipt as a PDF or view it in HTML. If you choose HTML, the receipt won't be downloaded but will open in a new browser window for you to view the details.

How to customize your purchase invoice

To customize your purchase invoice, head to the Plan & billing page. Under the Billing details section at the bottom of the page, you'll be able to customize:

  • an alternative billing email address. If one is added, this is where all future invoices and receipts will be sent.

  • a contact name. All invoices will be made out to the billing contact name provided here.

  • any other details you wish. This can be your organization's legal address, tax IDs, or anything else you need to have reflected on your invoice for your records.

Once you've clicked the Save billing details button below the form, your changes will go into effect immediately. All past invoices will now be updated with the new details, and future invoices will be sent to the new billing email if you've added one.

Regional tax information

For customers based in Australia, your invoice will show that the payment total is inclusive of GST.

For customers based in the USA, UK, or European Union, the payment amount on your invoice is exclusive of state/local sales tax, VAT, or any other similar taxes. If for some reason these charges are incurred on your behalf when you file your taxes, we can provide you with a proper tax invoice stating as much.


If you require vendor or tax forms please contact us, we are happy to help.

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