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Recruiting participants
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There are two ways to recruit participants with Lyssna: from your own audience or by ordering responses from the Lyssna panel.

Recruiting participants from your own audience

Each Lyssna test has a unique link that you can share with your audience to participate in your test.

While self-recruiting responses from your own audience is free for all users, please note that users on the free plan can only view the first 15 responses. To view additional self-recruited responses, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Learn more about recruiting your own participants here.

Ordering responses from the Lyssna panel

Comprised of 340K+ participants, the Lyssna panel is diverse in age, education, gender, and location.

  • You can order as few as five responses or as many as 10,000. There is no limit to the number of participants you can recruit from our panel, no matter your plan.

  • You can target specific demographics or request a random sample

  • Credits for ordering responses from our panel start at $1.00 USD and get cheaper when buying in bulk. Responses consume one or more credits depending on the length of your test.

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